January 31, 2017

Dead Or Alive Nude Remix

Meshes by: Harry Palmer, kayakff, SaafRats, timmyC and NiteGuardian.
Textures by: Harry Palmer, kayakff, galhound and NiteGuardian.
Tools used made by: dtk mnr, timmyC and riry sukisuki.

Special Thanks to:
SaafRats, kayakff and timmyC for all their help, support and advice.
All the DOA Modding communities, because without them this pack would never have been made.

(Updated to 4.5 on April 24, 2017)



All other Preview Images of this Pack can be found in this Dropbox Link

Downloads are at the Bottom of this Page!

This is a complete Pack of all the Dead or Alive Ladies fully nude except for their iconic items like headbands and fans for the AutoLink install method, simply drag the contents of this pack into your "AUTOLINK" folder in the game's directory after you have installed it first.

They have Bush on Costume Slot 01 and Shaved on Costume Slot 02.

Nude Remix DLCs
This is a repack of the mostly outdated DLC Method, as of the date of this posting (game version 1.09) its confirmed to work, however with every update the Dev's make that may change, it contains all Ladies you can have without DLC except Alpha152.

It uses Costume Slot 49 for most of the Ladies, except the Following:
- Marie, NyoTengu and Phase4 are slot 45
- Pai and Sarah are slot 24
- Honoka is on slot 40

The Bonus character DLC uses:
- NyoTengu's extra colors are on slots 42, 43, 44
- Alpha152's four colors are on slots 27, 28, 29, 30
- Naotora is on slot 19
- Mai's is on 04

Nude Remix ReShuffle Files
There is Currently no way to add Naotora and Mai by DLC Method without HIGH risk of crashing or other bugs, so I am offering the files here so you can override the game's original files, also since I could add Alpha152 to DLC but its far cleaner to install it this way, I've included her here also.


Nude Remix TMC Files
This is a complete pack of all the Dead or Alive Ladies fully nude except for their iconic items like headbands and fans, in Raw File Format ready for use with DLC hogehoge, AutoLink Tool, Lnk Reshuffle or any other method the Community comes up with in the future, also great for Base Nudes as a Mod-Maker's resource.
WARNING: Some advanced Modding skills required.

Nude Remix Texture Files
This is a complete pack of all the DOA Ladies nude skins, so you can apply it to other Modder's works and make their skin look the same as my Nude Remix bodies, in case you want a seamless look, I can't promise it will always work.
UPDATE: Now includes the Photoshop File as a Mod-Maker's resource.


Permissions and Reuse

You Can use these in your own Mods, if you use these Meshes, Textures, or Both in your Mods please link back to my Mod here or Credit everyone I do for what you used (at the top of this page).
You Can post these on other sites I am not a member of, however you must link back to my Mod here or Credit all the people I do (at the top of this page).
You must Never post the downloads behind any kind of pay wall or survey for access, but a site that requires a free non-spam membership is ok.

In short keep them free to get at without any tricks, give credit to those I give credit to.


Answers to Likely Questions

"Will you repack all this into a custom DLC for me or help me setup a custom AutoLink folder? I want a combo you don't have but I don't know how."
Yes! just send me a private message on Undertow or contact me by E-mail.

"Why don't you just add Naotora, Mai and Alpha152 to the main DLC? I don't want to bother with more than one or Reshuffle."
No, if we were talking about the early versions of Reshuffle I would agree, but now its powerful and simple to use, get over it and do the work, it won't hurt you.
Also as stated up in the DLCs part of this post, adding Naotora or Mai to a DLC makes the game crash most of the time, so its not really an option.

"I don't know how to install AutoLink, ReShuffle, or the DLC Crack, will you help me?"
Maybe? I'm willing to point you in the right direction, even offer a step-by-step for first time setup, but I can't offer support for every problem, for that you need to go to the Website/Forum for each Tool.

"Can I do Edits, Post this other places or make a new Mod with this one?"
Yes! as long as you follow the rules in my Permissions and Reuse section.


Download Links

DL MediaFire

DL Mega

DL Google Drive

Or get them over at Undertow and join the community I'm most active with Here.

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