January 29, 2017

Dead or Alive Mod Tools

(Updated April 24, 2017)

I have found many members of the PC modding community do not know how to mod Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, this post will hopefully help you in finding the Tools and Forums where you can get what you need.

Please remember, none of these Tools were made by me and I can only help you learn how to use some of them, I cannot update or fix any and you are using them at your own risk, Back up your Files before you start!


Harry Palmer's Tools: Topic Here
The father of all DOA PC Modding, he brought us some wonderful Tools and Nude Meshes, a few are out of date now though, here's hoping he returns!

timmyC's Tools: Topic Here
Mostly makes guides and works on only 2 Tools, but they are so powerful and kept up to date, they have replaced half of Harry's, really amazing work.

riry sukisuki's Tools: MediaFire Link
Has brought us greats such as the latest DLC Tool hogehoge, LR Photo Studio, Breast Copy Machine and more.

dtr mnr's Tools: MediaFire Link
Mostly stuff for advanced users, you'll find all the TMC, tmcmesh and Texture import/export/edit needs here, also up-to-date NoeSiS plugins.

immi's Tool: Topic Here
Ah yes, in my personal opinion the one Install-Mods-Tool to rule them all "Ink ReShuffle", immi may have only made one Tool, but when its this good why bother making more?


Tools/Plugins that either are abandoned/outdated or are made hard to find or get by the Author's, so I will share them here.

Archive Tool 1.2.1
Basically does the same as immi's Ink ReShuffle only with a better interface, but was abandoned and the original Topics with it are lost now, there is ways of getting it working still by mixing files from it and ReShuffle, basically leaving it here for anyone who prefers the cleaner navigation and has the patience to figure it out.

AutoLink v1.71
Everyone seems to love this Plugin/Tool, but its near impossible to get the current copy if you live outside of China or are not willing to pay money for access, so it is posted here.

Camera Unlock
If you don't use AutoLink but do want your Camera to be free this is the alternative, please do NOT try to use them both at the same time.

Cream api DLC Hack
This is the replacement for all the other DLC Hack methods, it should work on all game versions as well as any DLC, its a bit tricky to setup at first but once you do its done forever, unless you want to add/remove DLC then you just change a couple of lines in a text file.

Game Save Resigner 0.1
An Interesting little Tool, hard to use and doesn't work 100% of the time even when you do everything right, but it lets you turn one save file into a usable one for another Profile.

NoeSiS v4.157
Pretty much totally replaced by riry's LR Photo Studio, this lets you view and make minor edits to the TMC, H, and other Files, its hit-and-miss but someone may prefer it so here it is, comes pre-packed with the plugins needed.

Outfit Strings Fix
Anyone who sees Lisa's or Helena's tiny jeweled outfits lose the strings, these files bring them back if you apply them over the original game Files with Ink ReShuffle.

Nite's Paradise Remix
This is a combo of AutoLink, Holden's Paradise Mods and Gamjo's Movie Mods, without Holden's oversized additional files or HDM nude Mod, for those who just want the Animations and AutoLink ready to go.

Mod Tool Downloads:
MediaFire Link
Mega Link
Google Drive Link


Good Websites to get Help and Guides:
Free Step Dodge
SFxT Mods

Other Language Websites:
3DMGame (Chinese)
bbsPINK (Japanese)

Final Disclaimer:
I am NOT responsible for any damage these tools may do to your game or your save files.
I am NOT the creator of these Tools and cannot update or change them.

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