May 2, 2019

Ratings and Content

Here is a breakdown of how I will judge quality in the game reviews posted on here, as well as the mature content ratings will be explained and the level of allowed content on this website.

The ratings will be broke down into several categories with an overall at the end, when needed more details about the decisions will be listed on each Review, but for the most part only numbers and keywords given, as this is the main post to get the breakdown.


Game Quality Ratings
the scores start at 10.0 and I will drop them for each problem I find, I will however round up to the nearest half point (0.5) that I can.

games with smooth controls, easy to understand interfaces, have good keybind/controller layouts (or allow you to build custom setups), and have full controller support for PC titles will get a perfect score, games with less stable gameplay drop with each failure.

this is a matter that can be very subjective, so I will only downgrade it based on plot holes or if it has a cookie-cutter story with no effort, if it is hard to follow or ignores giving the player any kind of story, while it will be less common for me to drop points from this category I will be dropping it by more per failure than the others on this list.

it must have fitting and diverse sound effects, good voice acting (if applicable) and ambient background noises, plus a solid soundtrack with the right mood setting, if they can do all this it gets a perfect score, if not I will drop it for each thing missing or poorly made.

this will be scored more on style and quality than on how high-definition it is, if they were going for a certain feel and capture that and they have smooth animations, with all the little details (like light shafts and insects for background effects) they will score higher with 480p than another game with 4k but does not have the right effects or its own signature style.


Mature Content Ratings
each category here will be rated "Nothing", "Mild", "Strong" or "Extreme", with the overall giving a suggested age and an extra note or two at the end.

Mild = off screen death or minor blood during combat.
Strong = blood and gore or morbid style creatures.
Extreme = scenes of torture and brutal deaths.

Mild = smoking or casual drinking.
Strong = getting the player character drunk or high.
Extreme = real-world methods of drug abuse.

Mild = sex conversations or a topless woman.
Strong = regular use of full nudity or sex scenes.
Extreme = violent or fetish sex acts.

Mild = words like damn, ass or crap.
Strong = all versions of shit, sexual references.
Extreme = use of the f-bomb or racist and sexist remarks.


Site Content Limits

I will have links to content I would mark as Extreme but I will provide a warning before the link so you may decide knowing ahead of time.

On-site will allow up to Strong content levels, this means you will see blood splatter or a nude woman but you won't see intestines hanging out or any bondage sex.

This is a comfortable middle ground I think fits a world culturally acceptable level and I would regard this site as Safe for anyone age 16 and up.

Just to be clear I will do coverage of games and things relevant to gaming media that has any level of content and will not censor any of it, but may not show the offensive portions on this website.

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