May 1, 2019

About Me

Welcome, I'm not good at small talk so lets jump right into this.

I got my first gaming console at 5 years old, an original NES system (Nintendo) and loved it, I have never put video games down for more than a couple of weeks since that day and I have been a member of the internet gaming community in good standing on all sites and with all companies for over 10 years.

I have strong opinions about what a game should be, based on the basics of what have always made games great since long before cutting-edge graphics, when you had to make a game that pulled the player in on its mechanics or storytelling rather than having the most hyper-realistic explosions.

I have played every major genre with at least one title from start to finish and have played countless games to completion, from classics like "Super Mario Bros" to modern games like "Halo" I have been video gaming for over 20 years across many Nintendo, Xbox and PC systems.

If there is any games I do avoid its "Realistic Shooters" and "Sports Games", I have played a select few but to me the whole point of Sports is to actually go outside and play them and games claiming to be a realistic shooter are nothing of the sort, as we lack the technology to do it right.

There are a few things about games or services for gamers I or anyone helping me with this website will Never do, those are:

* Speak kindly of a Developer, Publisher, Website Admin, etc, purely to stay on good terms when its obvious they are wrong (like most smaller review websites do).
* Give out good reviews based on how pretty the graphics are or try to sell you on anything because they offer us free stuff (like IGN and Game Informer does).
* Fight for any kind of special (above the rest of humanity) treatment for Women, Minorities and LGBTQ just to start drama or be click bait (Like Polygon and Kotaku does).
* Overlook the flaws of anything because we are fanboys (like most YouTubers do).

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